Joseph’s Testimonials

“I have met a few realtors and even have friends who are realtors. However, Joseph is one of a kind. He works for you like there is no tomorrow and only pushes for client’s best interest. Even after my purchase, he continues to cater to our needs without hesitation.” – Homer and Kat

“When I moved to Vancouver from Toronto, I started looking for a property to buy and this is when I met Joseph Chang as my realtor. At that time, I wasn’t familiar with the market in Vancouver so needed a lot of time to familiarize myself with the area, property types, and prices. I am a type of person who makes purchasing decision after researching and gathering most, if not all, possible product information in the market and think for a long time before making a decision. I was a nervous first-time buyer. I had questions after questions, requesting documents after another and insisted in seeing even the properties that were far from my interest. All those time I spent looking for my home, Joseph never once lost his smile. He has been consistently diligent, reliable and kind through the whole process. He went above and beyond, working very hard in finding me the best property, advising me with every step, not as a sales person but as if he was buying his own home with honesty and accurate knowledge. I am very touched by Joseph’s work ethics and would love to recommend him to anyone looking for their dream home or an investment property. I am a very happy homeowner now!” – Julie

“Warm friendly and approachable personality. Honest and ethical. Well prepared, thorough, and quick to respond to questions. Excellent communication skills, integrity, and sincere interest in people and provide best service possible. You were awesome!” – Lynn

“Joseph gained my respect as a realtor because of his advices about the market. His patience and honesty made our sale and purchase of our homes very smoothly and comfortably. We changed our minds many times about selling our home and Joseph was very understanding and patient. Thank you!” – Agustin and Eun Hee

“Friendly, good communication and personable! Overall we are very happy with the service provided including on-line service and having good recommendation!” – Richard and Jeffry

“Very friendly and helpful. Joseph gave us valuable advice and always took our needs into consideration!” – Cathy